Sic itur ad astra
‘Such is the way to the stars’
Virgile circa 641 Chant IX

About us

Memo International is a family-run business established in 2007 with a portfolio of beauty brands.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Creativity is at the core of what we do at Memo International. It begins with our fragrances, made by talented and gifted perfumers. Perfume is creativity. A journey between the known and the unknown. The outcome of intuition, fervour and conviction leading to the right olfactive shade. That’s what we do, how we have shaped our three brands, how we work and see our team culture. Decision-making follows the same path and that’s what we seek for our people: a combination of intuition, desire and conviction leading to the right idea. Open-mindedness, enthusiasm and curiosity are our best assets and drive our teams all around the world to make Memo, Floraïku and Hermetica grow and flourish.

Reinvention and surprise are also part of the process. Each fragrance is the result and the starting point of a wider story that we want to share all together with intensity. From the perfumes we imagine, we explore a new world that in turn yields new ideas. Artists, photographers, writers, craftsmen accompany us to strengthen the Memo spirit and pursue our dreams. This spirit is present in all the projects we initiate thanks to the imaginary world of fragrances: the edition of postcards and illustrated books to go along each Memo fragrances; the sponsoring of Cinehaïku, a visual rendez-vous inviting artists and students to create a haiku in images, just as we craft olfactive haikus with Floraïku; we are also proud to publish a book of poems by the poet Chiyo, never before translated into English and French; and last but not least, the showing of artistic collages extending Hermetica’s universe.

That is what distinguishes Memo International: creativity feeds us, multiplies our visions, and encourages us to create even more in a virtuous circle. Transmitting this flame keeps us busy. Revealing in each team member the creativity she and he is capable of is the best reward. We act as if we were part of a constellation, and that all our moves and creations were connected all together. Such is the way to the stars.

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Our culture is defined by our passionate multi-cultural team with contagious energy and creative talent in an entrepreneurial fast-paced environment and a flat organization.

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